Why Soup IN Meal Bundles

With meal bundles trending across off-premise menus, they’re a great way to increase check averages with one set premium price featuring soup as the centerpiece. With family-sized portions, soup, sandwich and salad meal bundles can help keep off-premise guests engaged. In addition, soup is incredibly portable and easily reheated, providing an excellent way for guests to experience your establishment at home.

62% of consumers order soup because they’re in the mood for it.1

45% of millennials order from restaurants for the soup they offer.1

Check averages increase by $5.14 when soup is included in a restaurant order.2

1Source: Technomic Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report, 2018

2Source: NPD CREST®, Average Eater Check for Paid Occasions, latest two years, ending September 2017


It's never been easier to drive profits with soups, along with sandwiches and salads from your menu. We’ve provided packaging instructions and pairing ideas perfect for connecting around the dinner table. With over 90 flavors, you can mix and match pairings based on items currently on your menu, or create new recipes inspired by our soups.

When packaging soup to-go, there are a few very important aspects to consider. Here are a few helpful hints in creating the best off-premise experience for guests. For more insights on optimizing your off-premise operation, click here.

Offer a variety of sizes: 8-oz., 16-oz. and 32-oz.

Provide a strong delitainer style lid system to prevent spillage.

Use tamper-proof stickers to let guests know each to-go soup offering is sealed and safe

Provide reheating/holding instructions

Label each item, saving guests the headache of opening packages to decipher who ordered what

Keep cold foods separated from hot foods

Be sure to include napkins and applicable disposable utensils

Add a nice note, thanking guests for their continued support of your establishment

Whether it’s inspired by our recipe ideas, or tried-and-true classics from your existing menu, bundling can result in an amazing experience for your guests.

Roasted Poblano & White Cheddar

Our Campbell's® Reserve Roasted Poblano & White Cheddar delivers with bold flavors. Try it with…

A classic patty melt with loads of deeply caramelized onions

A roasted Brussels sprout salad with candied pecans

A delectable homemade fried chicken biscuit

Lobster Bisque with Sherry

Summer is on its way, and there’s no better way to utilize summer produce and seafood than with a paired meal bundle of Campbell’s® Reserve Lobster Bisque. Try it with…

A grilled shrimp po’ boy with fresh tomatoes and a zesty aioli

A beautifully cooked steak sandwich for some surf-n-turf flair

A lovely arugula salad with sliced apple, plus proteins from your menu

Roasted Red Pepper & Smoked Gouda

With a vegetarian soup such as our Campbell's® Reserve Roasted Red Pepper & Smoked Gouda Bisque, the possibilities for creative meal bundles for off-site are endless. Try it with...

A decadently layered grilled cheese with gouda and spinach, cooked in herb butter

A brightly flavored blood orange and fennel salad

A spicy sausage sandwich with caramelized onions or whichever toppings from your menu

Mexican Street Corn

For a more Latin-inspired meal bundle, choose our Campbell's® Reserve Mexican Street Corn. In the classic street-food style, it’s a great time to explore a variety of different recipes. Try it with…

An amazing griddled torta, filled with seasonal produce and proteins from your menu

A pressed Cuban sandwich, loaded with Swiss cheese and barbecued pork

A tomato and Brussels sprout salad, topped with crispy tortilla chips

Broadway Basil & Tomato Bisque

Savor the flavors of Tomato and Basil with our Campbell's® Reserve Broadway Basil & Tomato Bisque meal bundle. Try it with...

Your famous Italian sub, with hot pepper relish and thinly sliced onions

An expertly roasted porchetta sandwich with herbed chimichurri

A grilled corn salad with fresh herbs, shallots and a zingy dressing from your menu

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