Frozen Soup Hero

Campbell’s Foodservice is here to help you get complex flavor with less labor.

While our unique soups are full of flavor and great for serving as is, even just one variety can be used in places all across the menu. Let us help you get even more value out of frozen soup, so you can save on ingredient space, time and, most importantly—labor.

Want to see these soups in action? Browse recipes by flavor for inspiration.

With tender pieces of lobster, fresh cream, real butter and sherry, this soup can add rich lobster flavor as a sauce or spread.

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With rich butternut squash and a blend of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, this soup can add fall flavors to any part of the menu.

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Inspired by street vendors in Mexico, this on-trend flavor features roasted corn, Cotija cheese, a traditional street corn spice blend and a hint of lime.

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It’s rich. It’s velvety. It’s got the perfect pairing of pureed roasted red bell peppers and smoked gouda, with sweet basil leaves, crushed garlic and fresh cream.

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Fire-roasted poblanos, green chilis and tangy tomatillos complement the rich blend of sharp white cheddar and sweet cream.

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